Lecompton, KS


Lecompton, Kansas

Lecompton, KS was founded in 1854 on a bluff along the South bank of the Kansas River. The town of Lecompton had a rich history during the bleeding Kansas era.  The town’s name is in honor of Samuel Lecompte, the Chief Justice of the Territorial Supreme Court. In 1855 Lecompton was the capital of the Kansas Territory. The capital was closed when Topeka was chosen as the capital when Kansas became a state in 1861. As of the 2010 census, Lecompton had a population of 625 people.

Lecompton is located between Lawrence, Kansas and Topeka, Kansas making it an ideal location for commuters. Lecompton is largely an agricultural based community and most amenities are found in Lawrence which is approximately 18 miles and Topeka which is approximately 20 miles from Lecompton, Kansas.

More information about Lecompton, Kansas can be found at the City of Lecompton website, and lecomptonkansas.com.



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Information about the Lecompton, Kansas Schools can be found at the USD 343 website. Additional information can be found at greatschools.org



Lecompton, Kansas is located almost directly between Lawrence and Topeka with an approximate drive time of 20 minutes to either larger city. Commuters can also access either Lawrence or Topeka via Highway 40 or Interstate 70.